Yes Yes Mixdowns

Electronic Music Track Stem Mixdowns ($110 for up to 10 stems mixdown in one track)

Email to book a mixdown

Dance label Yes Yes Records introduces our mixdown service, suprisingly called Yes Yes Mixdowns! (Beatport label page link )
We have over 80 EP releases and know what it takes to get a track ready for release.

Get a world class mix of your tune in our Yes Yes Studios (pictured) at very competitive prices
Send parts online, and we get it back to you within 2 working days. Or come in to our studio.

Stem Mixdown $110 (up to 10 Stems)
Stem Mixdown $140 (up to 20 Stems)
Stem Mixdown $200 (up to 30+ Stems)
Send more than one track for mixdown and get a 10% discount.

We’ll identify problems, making sure it sounds the best it can be before we start mixing. In other words, we won’t take your money unless we feel your tune is ready for mixdown
We can source mastering at our preferred partners for an extra $50 and we work closely with masterers to get the best final product.

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